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Hello, I'm Renan

A media-specialized product owner and project manager

About Me

Agile product owner who love his product and take care of his team. ..or the opposite, probably both.

Hello, I'm a webaholic project manager working in agile methodology. I'm specialized in media : online press, music entertainement, tv channels, etc… I love gathering inspiration everywhere to answer users' needs through a durable teamwork. I'm lucky it fits so well with this job !

I'm a consultant product-owner based in Paris. I work within the digital agency Agilekia, don't hesitate to contact me directly or through the agency for your project or for any other reason. Would love to hear about your projects.


24 years old
100% agile
Media specialized

My Values

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Product owner is an essential port of agile process, though its most important role is to make people working on a same projet a unified team.

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Agile support

This management method perfectly fits with web-based projects. Every product decisions are built on user-experience insights, then developed, and validated with stakeholders' feedback.

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KPI Focused

I'm an data-analytic enthusiast since my first steps in web management, I've first been a freelancer tracking consultant before becoming a product-owner. I always keep an eye on the product statistics to identify users acceptance, and evolution of their needs.

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I'm constantly following evolutions in digital-media, design, web-development and many others. This is an essential process in designing cutting-edge products, at the very least, to get inspiration and know which features already exist elsewhere.

Main skills

Project management

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Tracking & KPI

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User Experience

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My Experience


Trust Me, I'm Lying Ryan Holiday

A really great book in which Ryan Holiday, media-strategist, explains and demonstrates how the actual media system can be easily hacked to turn it into profit. Both instructive and frightening, it's also raising the question of the new economic models of the online press.


I think we don't have to present this well-known crowdfunding platform. I'm using it since it came online years ago, and I still love to trail from a project to another, especially in the designe and the technology sections. Even without funding projects, Kickstarter is still a great inspiration source with many innovations.

Street Bangerz Vol. 3 Gramatik

Street Bangerz is a serie of records by Coldbusted, a record label specialised in many genre from trip-hop and hip-hop to soul, downtempo, and funk. All street bangerz are records of undiscovered artists who made inovative tracks. Volume 3 is the finest illustration of it ; it contains 20 tracks that made Gramatik a now world-famous group.

Safari Typo ! Thomas Sipp

This is a set of 8 episodes (about 6 minutes each) on ARTE Creative that explore Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Marseille, Amsterdam and Montreal to find and analyse typograpies that can be found in the streets. Each city is visited by a different professional typograph who explain meaning and historic context of each font.

The Girl with Seven Names Hyeonseo Lee

We used to have received wisdom about how North Corea is, but most of these are inaccurate. The story of a native north corean that managed to escape, torn between willing to escape to a better place and having her familly away. From the questioning to the accomplishment.

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